There was an article in our local paper not long ago pronouncing the impending death of the rural church.  The article was based largely on the closing of one church that, to be honest, had been on life support for several years.  The article spoke eloquently about all of the wonderful years and memories produced in the minds of so many people who grew up sitting in the pew of some nostalgic looking church out in the country.  It seemed to reflect a growing consensus among the public, pastors, and denominational leaders, that the rural church is either dying, dead, or in complete rigor.  I can not deny that many rural churches have declined and that many have closed their doors but I believe that many more are still very much alive and that many of them are contributing great things to the Kingdom.  The perception of death has been cultivated by so many writers, publishers, pastors, and denominational leaders who have an exclusive vision dedicated to the programed numerical growth of the suburban church.  The rural church has languished and been frustrated by this suburban vision that, for the most part, is impossible for them.  Rural pastors and parishioners become disheartened when a community of 100 people can not grow into a church of 1000.   Too many rural churches are working with a city or suburban vision.  They are living under the weight of someone else’s burden.  They are dying because they don’t have a rural vision.  The problem with the rural church is not found in its vitality or willingness to “go” but rather is found in its inability to define its own success.  This blog is dedicated to the rural church and its own vision.  The rural church is very much alive.  It is high time we get out from under everyone else’s vision and get to work in our own communities with our own God given task and vision.  Last Sunday I preached to less than 100 people.  We had 63 in Sunday School.  God’s Word did not fail.  We worshiped.  We had fellowship.  We prayed.  A man that one of our deacons led to the Lord came to church for the first time this week.  I would call that success.              

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  1. We ARE alive! Even when you see the buzzards flying over our church!!! See you tomorrow!

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  3. hello Lou Lou!

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