The Old New Mission Field

Cottage Grove Baptist Church began in August of 1850.  Henry County was only 29 years old and the American Westward expansion was in full swing.  The mission field was wide open.  Our church minutes indicate that the mission field included Anglo farmers, Indians, and black slaves.  It must have been an exciting time to plant a church in the middle of such a diverse group of unevangelized and untamed people.  Cottage Grove’s story is the story of so many rural churches.  They have grown, plateaued for many years, declined, and grown again.  The rural church thrived until the industrial revolution lured so many people to the cities.  They cycle of growing, plateauing, declining, and growing again has continued through the years but the rural church has remained steady in faith and steady in action.  In recent years technology is making it possible for people to live in rural areas and work in the city.  The option of country life is appealing to hard working suburbanites in-spite of the long commute.  People are migrating back to the country again.   Churches within 50 – 100 miles of a major city are likely to see their communities grow as people come back to rural America.  They need to find churches standing at the ready to share the Gospel and minister to their families.  The old mission field is new again.  What an exciting time to be a rural church pastor.     

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