Rural Route Wisdom and Things That Happen to Country Preachers

1.  Two days ago I ran over a chicken that was trying to cross the road.

2.  My Christmas card this year included cows and milk buckets.

3.  One month ago my van windshield was broken in a tragic incident with a deer and my coffee cup. 

4.  My children stare in wonder at the “moving stairs” when we get a rare visit to the mall. 

5.  I have a snake that lives in my house……..and I’m okay with it. 

6.  Every year I get free tickets to the truck and tractor pull because I pray at the beginning of the event. 

7.  I have learned the difference between dinner and supper.  Don’t confuse the two. 

8.  I have helped corral wayward cows.

9.  “Pulling” calves is not nearly as much fun as it might sound. 

10.  My 5 year old daughter placed third at the county fair in the “mini” tractor pull.        

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  1. This looks like it could develop into a very interesting blog. We live in the country too and go to a church in a very small town – not sure if that qualifies as exactly rural though. Our Pastor meets every manner of strange country event on a daily basis – I will send him a link to you so that he can enjoy you too. blessings…

  2. Ok, there is NO WAY I could handle the snake. Just reading that gives me the willies.

  3. I just wanted to leave a word of encouragement. I have so many great memories of going to church with my grandparents in rural Oklahoma. Still to this day many of those seeds have taken root and are growing in my life. Keep up the good work!
    BTW, I followed the link left by your wife in the reply section of

  4. Ha! I identify.

    I spent a few years living in very rural country. My husband spent almost his entire life in very rural country. God bless ya for tending the flock out there.

  5. I found your blog on Pioneer Woman’s blog. I love the pic of the cotton field–looks a lot like it does around here! I have read all your entries and feel a kinship to you–my husband is a deacon in a small, rural church (in fact, the church where I grew up!). Many of the things you mentioned were also mentioned in our pastor’s sermon today. I just felt like I should comment on your site and let you know to keep up the good work! God bless you!

  6. I’m not sure where you are, but I’d attend your church. You get it! Calve’s aren’t one bit fun to pull, lunch is dinner and you forgot one lil’ thing… it’s impossible to keep ones’ boots clean.

  7. I think I am going to like this blog. I don’t read many just a few from the country. My heart belongs on a ranch 20 miles from a gas station. I don’t want to go to town or have my three boys involved in everything. We just endured a very severe ice storm = no electric for a weekl. It was wonderful being unplugged. We live on a small ranch outside a suburban town of 10,000 and 20 miles to the big city. And believe it or not we go to a mega church in the city. Becuase the teaching and word is so good. And really we are there until God calls us to go elsewhere. Used to think it was a time to show up and soak because we had always worked so hard at the previous churches. We have a heart for cowboy ministry and rural people. I look forward to you sharing and like what you said about vision – you have to grow where you are planted and into the fruit you were designed to be.

  8. Sounds very similar to my own childhood as the PK of a rural pastor!

  9. Farminglassie, Muddy boots are a way of life. We have five children, 4 that are walking, so there are 8 little muddy boots lined up outside our back door. Hey there Honney Bunch, (country nick name if I’ve ever heard one)snakes used to give us all the willies until my oldest son took an interest in everything that slithers and crawls. He brings his “friends” back to the house, looks them up on the internet, and gives us all a very scientific report about each one. You can find his blog at

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