Starbucks and Target

It might seem a bit strange to find a post on a rural blog with “Starbucks” in the title so let me explain.  During seminary I just knew that God would provide an adequate sized suburban church with a more than adequate salary that was providentially positioned within walking distance to a Starbucks.  My wife, although she would never admit it, was throwing up the same geographic Hail Mary in hopes of a local Target store.  Since God knows what we need, often contrary to what we want, He placed us within 2 hours of a tall espresso mocha.  We were reluctant in our obedience to God to come here b/c we didn’t want to give up those things that we believed were necessary to basic human survival.  We have come to realize over the past 3 1/2 years that we didn’t know what we were missing.  I would trade Starbucks and Target in a heartbeat to the new conveniences that we have found.  I am providentially located to the finest fishing pond in the country and actually have the time to fish.  I walk to the local post office where the woman behind the counter knows my name.  I can order the “usual” at our local store and restaurant and Connie will put banana peppers, onions, green peppers, bacon, and mushrooms on my pizza.  Today I have to drive to Nashville for a series of meetings.  I can honestly say that by the end of the day I will be looking forward to driving back to a place where a star buck could be hanging proudly above someones mantle.         

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  1. At it the truth, “preacher”! Every week when I leave “the Grove” and drive to Nashville to work…I feel a sense of regret that I make the journey each week. However…on the drive home, I began to get excited knowing that I’ll be back in the community soon! I miss the Lion’s Club, I miss WMU, I miss Wednesday night prayer meeting, I miss hearing my husband as he responds to a local fire….but..throughout it all, I know I’m in everyone’s thoughts and prayers during the week, as you all are in mine…just when I start feeling “lonesome” in the city…I recieve an email from Joey Thompson telling me how much she misses me….

  2. Helen,
    You rock. We miss you when you’re gone.

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