How I Keep My Thin Trim Figure


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  1. Just want you to know that I am enjoying your blog. My husband is a dyed in the wool Southern Baptist (preachers kid). He is so set in his ways that he won’t even consider going to any other kind of church. I never feel like I have worshiped when I go there. They know Jesus is alive but act like he is dead. God forbid if you should raise your hand to the Lord in worship or praise. We are at an impasse and haven’t attended church in quite a while. At least the Lord is in my heart and life.So all is not lost.

  2. Linda from Vegas,
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your encouragement. I will pray that you and your husband continue to search for a common place of worship. It is always helpful to remember that Worship is not what you recieve but what you bring. I have been to many Southern Baptist Churches that are “hand raising, shouting churches.” I found the overwhelming majority of them to be very much alive. The chapel services at the Southern Baptist Seminary I graduted from were some of the most alive worship services I have ever been apart of. Again, I will be praying that you and your husband can find a place of compromise.

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