I Was Walking In Memphis


This is my bro-in-law Jeff.  (the big one with the cap).  The little fella is my nephew.  Jeff is a youth minister in Memphis.  The church he serves is inside the beltway and has experienced birth, growth, and decline in concert with the community around it.  There is now a surge of people moving back inside the beltway.  They are building houses and renovating old ones.  Like the rural church, Jeff’s church is struggling to find its place in a changing community.  Although the demographics and methods are very different…….there are some striking similarities between the plight of the rural church and that of the inner city church.   1.  Both the rural church and the inner city church tend to struggle financially.  2.  Many inner city and rural communities have experienced a change in the community around them.  3.  Many rural and inner city churches have very few young families and are largely made up of senior citizens.  Hmmmmm…..this would make an interesting study but I don’t have time this morning.      

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