More Rural Route Wisdom

1.  You should never take the highway when there is a perfectly crooked road that takes twice as long.

2.  Sweet tea could bring world peace if everybody would just take a sip.    

3.  Kudzu (a very aggressive vine growing just outside of my back yard) could be considered a weapon of mass destruction.

4.  A man’s loyalty to the brand name truck he drives exceeds his commitment to turn the other cheek.

5.  A cow will always win the staring contest. (don’t ask) 

6.  If a man offers you a “belly wash” don’t be scared.  A “belly wash” is a 16 oz Royal Crown cola.

7.  Secret family recipes are treasured more than all of the gold in Fort Knox. 

8.  Farmers are the smartest people on earth.  They are accountants, mechanics, biologist, businessmen, and chemist all rolled up into one fantastic machine.  I can’t figure out how they still have time to mess with our minds by leaving all those crop circles. 

9.  It is better that you don’t know why most of the road signs have holes in them that somehow resemble bullet holes. 

10.  If I could give every terror suspect at Guantanamo Bay one of Mrs. Wheatley’s coconut chocolate balls they would be confessing sins, turning in their friends, holding hands, and singing Amazing Grace for just one more coconut chocolate ball.  

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  1. …Hello! Just hopped over here from PW’s site – loved the comment about sweet tea…if only life were that easy! (*sigh*) ;o)…

    …Loved this post & great blog too!

    …Blessings… :o)

  2. tj,

    Thanks for comming by.

  3. I too enjoyed the sweet tea note and I especially liked the “Mrs. Wheatley’s reference”….enjoying your blog here in my little corner of the world.

  4. Dee,
    Thank you for your kind words. I am now going to the treadmill to walk off the Coconut balls Mrs. Wheatley gave me for Christmas.

  5. Do you think Mrs Wheatley would share her recipe for coconut choc. balls? What? Not for all the gold in fort knox… Okay I’ll just sit here and sip my sweet tea… Love your wit!

    take care,

  6. P.s. You shouldn’t stare a cow down, if the cow’s starin’ you ought to be runnin.

  7. Farminglassie,
    I am afriad you will have to be content with tea and store bought coconut balls.

  8. love your blog!
    memories are pulled back of my family, little country towns and churches…
    sweet tea…cows…old family recipes…
    thank you.

  9. Your welcome lady under the oaks! Thanks for stopping by.

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