Things Change


Things that have changed since this picture was taken in 2006

1.  I now have contacts

2.  We have one more child

3.  My wife and I both have a little grey hair trying to creep in (nothing a little color won’t help though)

4.  Our church has a wonderfully remodeled  sanctuary

5.  My little girl has started kindergarten and is reading

6.  My two oldest boys have captured and released at least 500 reptiles

7.  My youngest son has watched the Cars movie approximately 1,323 times

8.  I can now quote every line of the Cars movie

9. We have eaten 1.2222 million calories at church functions

10.  Did I mention that we have another daughter? 

Things change.  Circumstances change.  Hair color changes.  God’s faithfulness to this Rural Route Family has not! 


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