Don’t Look Directly Into Her Eyes!



This is my oldest daughter.  She was born to test my discipline as a parent.  Parents are supposed to be firm and absolute in authority . . . which is what I am . . . a total authoritarian . . .which is why my precious brown-eyed daughter is holding a snake.  A Ring snake to be exact.  I have learned that if you avoid direct eye contact, saying “no” is much easier.  I want you all to know that I was firm on the fact that she absolutely could not pick up a venomous snake.  

 This snake wrangling gal goes with me on most all of my visits.  When it is appropriate I let her go to the hospital and the nursing homes with me.  She is good medicine for people including me.  I am becoming very aware that ministry is a family thing.  We are all in this together.   The funny thing is that my little girl is really good at cheering people up.  I went to see a lady in the hospital the other day without my partner.  I said, “Hey, Ms. Ruth, how are you feeling?”  Ms. Ruth replied, “Where is that beautiful helper?”  Yep, it is really good to be the father of the real minister.   

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  1. I’m thankful that my boy can’t doing anything that I have to say no too!!!…. YET

  2. Yeah you just wait. Boys don’t have “eye power”. They just wander off and get into stuff you have to visit the emergency room for.

  3. That is a truly beautiful picture. Such a contrast – the sweet, peaceful little girl with the poisonous snake. “As innocent as doves yet as wise as serpents!” would be my caption.

  4. That would be a great caption! The snake is non venemous. Thanks Kim.

  5. I love this little girl! Nothing makes me happier than to see her riding bareback on Mr. Craig, my 14 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. Mike, I firmly believe that Mr. Craig knows that he has precious cargo on board when Laura is sitting atop him…I mentioned to Laura at church last week that I had gotten a new English saddle for Christmas and when it was warm enough we’d try it out…She politely dclined..scoffing…”I wanna ride bareback”. And ride bareback she will…as long as she wants to! 🙂 PS. LOVE your blog. I’m introducing all of my city folk friends to it! Oh…and another cute Laura moment…the day she was over visiting (she must’va been 3 or 4) and said “I have to go home now to watch Oprah”. I cracked up…I could just see Robin (your lovely, sweet wife)and Laura sitting in the house in the dark watching Oprah so none of us would know…hee..hee! Almost like me and Stacy with DH!

  6. I have two of those kind of children….

    She is adorable. I love reading about her visits to the nursing home

  7. Beth, Thanks.

  8. That is a great picture! Our girls always caught [non-venemous] snakes too, and the older girl had a pet corn snake until she got married & her husband was not a fan.

  9. dlyn,
    Thanks, We have learned to love a good chicken snake out here!

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