Visiting With Ms. McCain

Part I and Part II are the prequels to this post. 
Ms. McCain
We went by to see Ms. McCain yesterday.   As usual, it was good to see her.  I should probably mention that she gave up packing wood at 93 and moved to a nursing home.  I was greeted with, “Hey, preacher”.  She invited me to grab a chair, but because she couldn’t sit up, I just sat on the edge of her bed.  My daughter and youngest son were with me, which of course, delighted Marie. 

We talked about a good many things including her home place, church, her nephew, but mostly she wanted to talk about going home to heaven to see her brother Robert.  At 95 years old Marie realizes that she has fewer days ahead of her.  ”Preacher, I’m lonely here and I’m ready”.   I wanted to assure her that she wasn’t as lonely as she thought she was, and that she had plenty more days ahead.  I wanted to dig down into all of that seminary learning and pull out something profound and comforting to say, but all I could come up with was, “I know”.   With all of the pretense eliminated we did the only thing there was left to do. . . pray.  Marie, two of my kids, and I were there on that nursing home bed talking to God.  Who knows, Marie might outlive all of us.  She is a pretty tough customer.  We might have many more visits just like the one I had yesterday, and I hope that is the case.  The lessons we can learn from Marie are varied and many.  The most profound lesson I learned from Marie, though, is that simple faith always works itself out in profound obedience. 

I hope you all enjoyed her story.  When it seems that God is asking you to do something difficult, think of Marie.

Ms. McCain’s twin brother, Robert



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  1. I imagine she is lonely there without her twin and things around her to remind of him and the other stories of her life.

  2. Thanks for the McCain series, though I first thought it was about John McCain’s wife or mother. I’ve got to do a better job getting to know my Ms. McCains. They have such great stories to tell.

  3. There are a lot of deeply faithful ladies like your Mrs. McCain. Our family has a dear aunt who is also 93! Her life has been the hardest with the least of all the siblings, and she just recently buried her brother…as she did her three sisters(one being my mom) in the last few years. She has faithfully served her Lord and Saviour all these years and has set the most wonderful example of doing without so that He can be glorified in and through others. Sometimes i too see that longing to go Home in her eyes…and i am so going to miss her. I believe Mrs McCain and my aunt know and trust that they are going home and know because of their faith it is truly going to be wonderful. I believe the rural lifestyles they lived helped in creating that faith…I hope we can live our years with that longing to go Home.

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