Give Me More Rural Route Wisdom!

RR wisdom Part I  and RR wisdom Part II

1.   Don’t google it.  Don’t go to wikipedia.  Just go ask Buddy, my 87-year-old neighbor. 

2.  If “your barn door is open” by all means, discretely and quickly “close” it. 

3.  A tailgate makes a superb table for potted meat and Dr. Pepper. 

4.  There is nothing that my fishing pole and my favorite pond won’t fix. (Thanks C.A. and J.A.)

5.  One box of shotgun shells: $10.00.  One bucket to sit on: $2.00  Hunting liscense: $30.00  Dove hunt: Free!  No Psychotherapy:  Priceless!

6.  Don’t ever make a joke about Robert E. Lee. (Really, don’t!)  

7.  Don’t assume that the deer over the mantle is the husband’s.

8.  If the world could receive a hug from Ms. Odie they wouldn’t want to let go.

9.  Fences don’t make good neighbors, acres do. 

10.  We have a breakfast club that meets at our local restaurant every morning.  They should be consulted to fix the economy and to set foreign policy.  They are quite the brain trust!    

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