Against the Wind


“Heavy Pedal!”

This is Josh.  This picture aptly describes his personality.  He is the cool one in our family.  He does his own thing and dances to his own tune.  When he walks through the house he sings his own theme music, Bob Seiger’s Against the Wind.  He looks like he is ready to take on the world (or at least conquer training wheels).   He looks like he could whistle his way through a tornado doesn’t he?  He is full tilt and full speed all the time!

The rural church needs to take on Josh’s attitude.  The rural church, at times, needs an infusion of the “heavy pedal” mentality.  Nothing that is currently being sold at your local Christian book store relates to the rural church.  None of the evangelism, discipleship, or worship programs were written with the rural church in mind.  Many rural churches don’t have the money to pay for a lot of the programs that are written for suburban churches anyway.  Even if they had the money, they wouldn’t have the manpower to make them work.  Rural and small churches can either whine about it or get on with doing what God called them to do. 

I think that it is time that we use the creativity and intelligence that has sustained rural communities for centuries and sing like we sing,  preach like we preach, and use the resources that we have to the glory of God.  I say let’s all put on our heavy pedal t-shirts, get out in the middle of our rural route roads, and get on with personal evangelism, discipleship, worship, and real biblical fellowship.   


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  1. Mike, check out the cold-water-news link on my new blog. It is truly one of the most amazing things that I have ever been around before, and something that I pray I won’t have to be faced with.

  2. Hey, I saw your blog the other day. It looks promising. I’ll take a look.

  3. There are more than you might realize who are “standing against the wind” and several resources to help them. We list some at We fail to mention there a classic by Ron Claussen and John Koessler called “No Little Places.” You might also want to read my blog article at

  4. Brian,
    Thank you for your post and thank you for your ministry. I too believe that rural America needs churches with God called pastors. Your web site and blog are fantastic. Thanks for tip about the books. I have never heard of them .

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