Aluminum and Rural Route Wisdom

1.  If you walk far enough and pick up enough discarded aluminum cans, your local recycling company will compensate you for your trouble.  Really. . . our last two vacations were paid for in aluminum. 

2.  Some snakes find discarded beer cans suitable places to raise a family. 

3.  Some people find that empty beer cans make a suitable spittoon. 

4.   Because of the snake and chewing tobacco issues, gloves are required when picking up cans.

5.  My new cardio work out video is going to be called, “Crushing Cans: A Redneck’s Guide to a Healthy Heart!”

6.  My new investment book will be called, “Aluminum:  The New Gold”.

7.  It takes 31-33 cans to = 1 pound of aluminum. 

8.  Aluminum brings .50 -.55 per pound.

9.  500 lbs of cans = 15,500 cans.

10.  It takes 1 man and 3 children a very long time to crush 15,500 cans.

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