“Those Eyes”


I love this little girl.  This is my youngest daughter.  I love this picture because of what it represents.  She wakes up everyday with great anticipation of what she might find.  Yesterday she found the dog food bowl.  The day before that she found the dogs water bowl.  Today she found that mixing the two makes a delightful mess.  I think my wife (the world’s most fantastic photo nerd) captured the wonder and amazement in our daughter’s eyes perfectly.  Everyone and everything is a new opportunity for discovery.  There is no cynicism to be found anywhere on that precious face.  

I wish that I had that kind of faith.  That childlike faith that bubbles up from complete trust.  God tells us that everyday is  His.  He tells us that we should rejoice and be glad because today is His day.  There is no room for jaded cynicism.  There is only wonder and amazement as the God of the universe leads us and guides us.  Oh the things those little eyes can teach us.        

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  1. Amen!! It is fun to see the same expression on Elijah’s face. He has discovered that he can make this very fun noise by pressing his lips together and blowing out of his mouth at the same time. It is truely a sight to see/

  2. I think you’ve got the Gerber baby there!

  3. Thanks Kim. She is a dandy aint she?

  4. A beautiful pic and a beautiful post!

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