Questions to Ask the Presidential Candidates From the Rural Route

I can tell you what kind of President a person will be by how they answer the following:

1.  “Mother” or “Momma?”

2.  Green tractors or red tractors?  It really does matter. 

3.  Do you own a truck?  We don’t care which brand?

4.  Music:  Alan Jackson or Michael Jackson?

5.  Nascar:  Earnhardt or Gordon?

6.  What would your pastor say about you?

7.  Do you own a gun?  Do you mind if I own a few. . . dozen?

8.  Sweet or unsweetened tea?

9.  Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke?

10.  How much did the last fish you caught weigh?

11.  Do you put slaw on your barbecue? 

12.  Favorite Andy Griffith episode? 

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  1. I had no idea! Which tractor color is correct?

  2. As a pastor I cannot declare my tractor color stance in public. It might affect my churches tax exempt status. Well. . . okay I like the red ones.

  3. Putting slaw on my barbeque? Wouldn’t the little pieces of cabbage fall through the spaces on the grill? I like slaw on my plate, though (or on the side so the dressing doesn’t mix up with the BBQ sauce) ….

  4. No, no, no. . .the slaw goes on the barbeque SANDWICH, between the meat and the bun!

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