This is the middle child.  I don’t know how middle children are supposed to act but mine is a thinker and sometimes a stinker.  Analytical to the core.  What?  When? Why? and How? He questions everything, which can be a good thing and a bad thing.  He is a sponge soaking in every element of the world around him.  He is good at factual subjects like math and science.  He is also revoltingly good at more subjective studies like art and literature.  He makes us work quite hard to keep his mind busy.  His curiosity leads him to questions, and boy, does he ask questions!

His quest for answers never stops.  He is not afraid of asking the hard questions.  Theology is fraught with hard questions and difficult answers.  Some things are hard to digest b/c accepting Biblical answers means that we have to forsake our own wisdom for God’s.  Rural people and rural churches are not given nearly enough credit for being deep theologically.  I am finding more and more that the people I serve are very analytical thinkers.  They have not and do not shy away from the difficult texts in the Bible.  I have so much respect for their faith because they don’t take my word for it.  They want to read, see, and touch for themselves.  Many of them have more faith in their little fingers than I have in my entire body.  Maybe I am the pastor of a bunch of middle children.            


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  1. Sounds like your middle child could be a Gifted learner. Have you ever looked into that?

    Here is a list of resources showing GATE characteristics.

  2. Found ya!!

  3. Hey Perry,
    Glad you came by.

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