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We love to watch “The Crocodile Hunter” around here.  We like it so much that my daughter and I dressed as Steve and Bindi for our church’s Trunk or Treat party.  No matter what you might think about jumping on the back of crocodiles or wrangling snakes, you have to admire Steve Irwin’s passion for the job.  He lived to show the world that conserving wildlife and their habitats was important.  More importantly, he lived to show his children how important it was.  His passion lives on in his wife and children.  They are now carrying on what Irwin began.  Why?  Because of his passion. 

I have often thought that Christian fathers could learn a thing or two from the Croc Hunter.  Our love for Christ, His Church,  and imitating His compasion is usually half-hearted at best.  Our children watch us as we grumble about getting up on Sunday morning to go to church.  I bet Bindi never heard her pop say, “Geez, I can’t believe we have to go save another crocodile.”  “CRIKEY!”  We wonder why our children are half-hearted about Jesus.  We wonder why they give up on church as young adults.  Make no mistake, our kids are watching us.  They see the hypocricy in what we are professing at church and how we acted on the way to church.  Your passion for Chirst and His church is no guarantee of their’s, but it is a good start.  Do your kids think Christ is important based on your life and the things you say? 

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  1. You know what I see in that picture? A little girl totally enthralled by her daddy. What a great way to make a memory with your little one.

  2. Thanks Kim,
    It would be GREAT if she would stay that way huh?

  3. I’ve been really thinking a lot about men in the church, and I just thought I’d let you know I’m stealing your croc hunter idea for illustration purposes. That’s dadgum awesome. I’m bad at illustrations. They come in small spurts. So here’s to a new illustration I can use to yell at men!

  4. I’ve used Irwin as an example several times too in sermons. So steal away.

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