Ode To The Pastor’s Wife


Pastor’s wives are a special breed.  The one on the right is mine.  Unless you are married to one, you probably don’t realize how wonderful the preacher’s wife is.   Here are some things that I love about my wonderful wife: 

1.  She actually said, “I do” on January 8, 1994!

2.  She has turned three parsonages (church housing) and three apartments into homes.

3.  She endured my Christian rock/youth minister phase.

4.  She proof-read every paper I wrote during seminary (a daunting task for anyone).

5.  She made our seminary poverty feel like kingly riches.

6.  She has very thick skin because of the dumb things people sometimes say about her husband. 

7.  She gives more credit to other people than they are due. . . by other people, I mean me.

8.  She can squeeze a dollar bill and make it give birth to at least 75 more cents.  Seriously, she can stretch dollars until they scream for mercy.  (She once haggled a car salesman out of $50.00 extra per month.  They stood toe to toe and eye to eye, and he blinked first!)

9.  Although she bites her tongue and turns the other cheek, she WILL tell you the truth when you need it.  (I love that about her)  

10.  Her faith often exceeds my own. 


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  1. She rocks!! And go you for posting this!

    From another PW. :^D

  2. Thanks nancypants.

  3. As Pastor Appreciation Month approaches I believe we should also remember the wives who support our pastors day in and day out, year after year. It’s been likened to living in a fish bowl when you are a pastor’s wife. Everything you do is scrutinized by so many. It’s always refreshing to hear the praise of the pastor/husband for his hard working wife.

    I have been asked to write a few lines about my own pastor’s wife as she will soon be honored at a ladies’ meeting. My only problem is keeping it short enough to be used in the program! She is remarkably gifted in many areas: she is our organist and pianist, Sunday School teacher, church decorator, author, church secretary, mother and grandmother. She produces an annual Mother/Daughter Banquet in which she writes a very intricate skit with original songs and poems, provides a scrumptious dinner, includes a guest speaker, door prizes, and the most fabulous decorations imaginable. And she does it nearly single-handedly!

    It has to be difficult sometimes to put up with negative comments, hurtful insinuations, and ungrateful, gossiping “friends.” Not to mention the financial struggles and those walks through the valley in order to stand upon the mountain of God. But these courageous wives do it. They do it because they love the Lord, they love their husbands and families, and they love the lost. I pray showers of blessings upon each and every one of our lady warriors. And I thank God for you all.

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