Danny: Jesus Freak and a Rural Church Story

His house and workshop stand out among the Fields and farms that make up Lampkins road.  His truck contrasts the blacktop road with light at night and color by day.   His name is Danny and he looks the part of a modern day John the Baptist.  The first time I met him he was barefoot with torn jeans and a t-shirt that proclaimed his devotion to Jesus.  His workshop is painted brightly with “I love Jesus” signs all over it.  His truck, which he named My Testimony, is painted brightly with crosses and verses of scripture.  You can see that truck coming a mile away because there is a big red cross fixed in the bed of the truck.  Everything about this man seems to point to the Christ.  There is no shame in Danny where the Gospel of Christ is concerned.  He gives new meaning to “carrying your cross”.  It is an extraordinary story.  His story is also the story of the rural church.  It is the story I will tell you tomorrow. 


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  1. Yes, the first time I saw his truck…. I had to look 7 or 8 more times to make sure I saw what I thought I saw.

  2. I grew up in the country surrounded by cotton fields in NE Arkansas. We had many small churches in the country, and even though I attended one in ‘town’, I visited some of the country churches with my school friends.

    I love your stories. Keep them coming.

  3. Thank you Shirley for stopping by.

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