Danny’s Story Part II

Danny is one of those people that you meet along life’s highway that makes you pull over and evaluate yourself and your motives.  Do you follow Jesus when no one else but Jesus is looking?  Even when there is nothing but the approval of God to be gained do you act according to the Bible?  Rarely do I get to see that kind of devotion in action, but Danny gave me that privilege about two years ago. 

Danny showed up at my door one afternoon upset.  It seems that someone had pulled off the road at his house claiming to be out of gas.  While Danny was filling their tank they were stealing his tools.  Soon after they left he realized that his tools were missing.  The vehicle the thieves were driving matched closely with another vehicle on the street that I live on.  Danny asked me if the people across the street had just gotten home.  Oddly enough, I had just seen them pull into their drive way.  I couldn’t fathom them stealing anything, but Danny seemed certain that we had the right car.  I thought we had our thief, and so did Danny.  I was ready to call the police but Danny said something that startled me.  He said, “I’m going home to pray about what to do.”  Funny thing, a preacher thinking Danny was wasting time praying, but that is exactly what I thought.

A few hours later Danny came by my house again.  He was upset again.  Danny indicated that he had found his thief and his tools.  He had driven around the neighboorhood praying and found that their was another vehicle that looked just like the one on my street.  Same color.  Same make and model.  Danny had confronted the thief and told him that if they would simply return his tools he wouldn’t press charges.  The thief took Danny’s option. 

I couldn’t understand why Danny was upset though.  In my mind the case was closed.  “Preacher, I’m sorry I made you think your neighbors were thieves.”  Danny was genuinely upset that he had planted a seed of doubt in my mind about anyone.  He felt that he had falsely accused them.  “Ah, Danny, there is no need to feel bad about that.  Anybody could have made the same mistake.”  If coming back and apologizing to me in utter humility wasn’t surprising behavior, then what he did next was absolutely shocking.  He asked me to pray for him because he had to go apologize to the person he had falsely accused.  Danny then proceeded to walk to the house of the person he had falsely accused and ask for forgiveness.  They would have never known anything if Danny hadn’t gone there.   They of course forgave Danny and he went home with his mind and heart at ease.  My mind and heart were not at ease though, because Danny’s actions made me take inventory of my own motives.  Would I have gone to the trouble Danny had gone to?  What about you?   



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  1. If we could all be like Danny, we’d live in a wonderful world. My thinking about your neighbors would have been ‘no harm, no foul’. I could see setting the record straight with you. It was sorta necessary that he tell you he’d made a mistake, but your neighbors had no idea they had been falsly accused, and I’m sure you would have never mentioned it.

    What a great man Danny is.

  2. Mike, we thorouly enjoy your blobbe on the rural church. I will write as soon as I get my e mial corrected
    love inchrisr bob 4 francews

  3. Bob Hall,
    I sure am glad that you are enjoying the blog. We miss you guys.

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