Blank Mind = Blank Blog!

1. Stare at the screen. . . that idea for a story is somewhere in the monitor.
2. Stare a little longer at the screen.

3. Go get your first cup of coffee.

4. Stare at the screen and take your first sip of coffee.

5. Go put a little more sugar in the coffee.

6. Nothing! Not even a fleeting thought.

7. Stare a little more.

8. Time for cup # 2.

9. Stare at screen and finish cups 3 – 6.

10. Admit defeat and go do something productive!

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  1. This is what I like to call a profound beginning to, as Joel would say, you best like now!! Mike, you have truly reached down deep and touched my heart with this one. God does speak to us in mist of a steaming cup of coffee, the things that Paul missed out on.
    No but really, if you don’t mind my suggestion, how about posting some thoughts regarding a rural Pastor’s sermon stuff. What is your church being taught by it’s fearless leader? Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. I just can’t believe that a minister is at a loss for words. I love your stories about the little old lady, and those about Danny.

    My brother is a music minister. He is always telling things that go on in the church where he ‘toils’ as he puts it. He did this full time for 25 years and got out for a while. Now he sells chicken farms in Mississippi, drives a bus(he had 52 Methodists Friday that he took from Clinton to Shreveport) and has a church part time.

  3. David,
    I am preaching through Galatians right now.

  4. Shirley,
    There is nothing more interesting and fun than church. I just couldn’t muster a coherent thought today.

  5. I want to hear more from Shirley about the chicken farming bus driver. If our giving doesn’t go up we may resort to selling chickens! I feel your pain with the blank screen. I’ve got a good post waiting to come out about “How to Leave an Utterly Worthless Blog Comment” but I can’t put my thoughts together enough to get it out. As a rural pastor I’d be interested in hearing how you “build bridges” of application in your context. How do you transfer a message to Palestinian Jews over to Southern Americans?

  6. RAP (Rural American Pastor)

    Jesus made it easy on me. He used agriculture to make his point. I am in a sea of agriculture here in west TN. So many of the Bible’s analogies were ruralisms and based in agriculture so it is fairly easy for our people to relate to Jesus’ context.

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