Who Is In Charge?


He looks like a leader.  He is dressed for success.  He looks like he could whip all of those other soldier boys into shape.  He looks like he is completely in charge doesn’t he?  My wife took this picture at Fort Donelson a few weeks ago when these guys were doing a camp reenactment.  No one questions this man’s leadership.  The other men are taking orders and are, at this point, about to aim and fire.  Who is in charge of the church?  Is it the pastor?  Is it the deacons?  Are the Elders in charge?  How about the congregation?  Who is giving the orders?  What do you think? 

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  1. Mark Driscoll likes to say Jesus is the Chief Shepherd, or Sr. Pastor. Under Jesus, the undershepherds rule, which is increasingly become “Elder Rule.” The more disagreements I hear about over little piddling things that don’t matter, the more I think elder rule might be a good thing. It doesn’t work too well in country SBC churches though.

  2. Jesus is our leader. We have a song that says, ‘He ruleth oer everthing’. This is the way it should be. He also set the rules for those he wants to shepherd the local churches. They may not always agree with each other, but they should lead according to what the Bible says.

    Unfortunately, we are often confused by what is bound by God’s law, and what we have bound on ourselves by tradition.

    BTW, I’m Church of Christ.

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