Pick a Reason!

Spring has sprung here in West TN.  The flowers are blooming and the trees are budding.  It is quite beautiful.  People are out planting flowers and working in their flower beds.  The sound of lawn mowers in the distance precede the smell of fresh cut grass.  Birds are singing, and it is a “Zip-a-de-do-da-Day!”  Spring has overtaken and overrun Cottage Grove! 

The kid behind the rubber snake is my oldest kiddo.  He measures the changing of seasons, not by the budding of trees and pretty flowers, but by the day he catches his first critter.  About a week ago, he came running up to me with his hands behind his back (always a bad sign) exclaiming, “Spring is here!”  He then proudly showed me the two Ring Snakes he had caught fresh from their winter nap.  He was extremely excited about the dawning of Spring because it meant that all of his slithery little friends were coming back.  Take a trip over to www.calebswildlife.blogspot.com to see the slithery little buddies my son brings home. 

I was excited about spring because it meant warmth and beauty.  Caleb was excited because of the wildlife that he would see and catch.  We were both excited about the same thing, but for different reasons.  His reason for loving spring was just as valid as mine. . . just different.  Churches are often like that.  Let’s take Sunday School for example (for all you contemporary folks, Sunday School is what we used to call Small Groups).  I have people who come to Sunday School strictly because they love being taught the Word of God.  I have other people who, because they are alone during the week, come for the fellowship that is shared during that hour.  Both are excited, but they are motivated by different aspects of Sunday School. 

I wonder how many times we squash other people’s enthusiasm about church because we demand that they be excited by the same things we are motivated by.  There is so much to love about Jesus and his church.  There are a multitude of reasons to love coming to church (especially a rural church).  Pick a reason. . . I’ll be excited with you.               

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  1. Mike Waddey,

    How are you man? We miss you guys!! When are you coming to Texas. You will love San Antonio. It is a beuatiful city full of history and resorces. I am enjoying my job. I have great support from my superiors. It is a very positive and laid back environment and my job is fun. Did you hear that Ken K. has moved to Meridian, MS as their new Scout Exec? Stay in touch,


  2. Dwayne,
    We are fine. Fat and sassy I guess. If gas prices don’t come down we will have to get a horse and buggy to come to San Antonio.

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