Helen: Guilty Woman or Rural Church Story?

This woman is Guilty!  She has been known to teach young children the fine art of shooting spit wads through straws.  She is also guilty of feeding them insane amounts of caffeine and sugar only to send the rugrats home all juiced up!  Her rural church story is coming soon!

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  1. Ummm. Sister robin…thought you were gonna photo shop my triple chins OUT! Time to grow a Mr. Larry beard OR…go on a diet…heaven forbid!!!

  2. Well, um, you DO remember the outcome of my last photoshop experiment with you, don’t you? I think this one is beautiful as is. Although I might just have to try out a Mr. Larry beard on you later, just out of curiosity. . .

  3. What is this – Mr. Potato Heads’ Rural website? That is meant to make you smile….ALL of the pictures are great.

    Have a blessed day

  4. If my head resembles Mr. Potato Head’s it is purely coincidental.

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