And More Questions for the Presidential Candidates

1.  When you walk into Wal-Mart, do you acknowledge the greeter or do you pretend to be having an intense conversation on your cell phone in order to avoid the poor retiree who is having to work at Wal-Mart as a greeter b/c social security just ain’t enough?

2.  If you have children with you, do you proudly wear the smiley face sticker the greeter just handed your kid (grandkid) or are you too much of an adult for that?

3.  After getting past the greeter, do you have a pre-determined shopping game plan or do you just wander around the store?

4.  Have you planned your trip to Wal-Mart in such a way that you could take advantage of the free lunch provided by the ladies giving free samples of all the new products?

5.  Did you remember the five Wal-Mart gift cards you you recieved at Christmas, or did you forget them . . . again?

6.  Do you test drive your cart before you take it to make sure that you don’t get the one with the wobbley wheel? 

7.  When you park your car, do you circle the parking lot 10 times waiting for that front row spot or do you just admit defeat quickly and walk from another zip code?   

8.  Do you ever open your chips, Pop-Tarts, or cookies before paying for them so you will have something to snack on while you shop? 

9.  Are you one of those people who actually have the gall to hold up the check-out line while you demand that Wal-Mart hold up their promise to not be undersold?  

10.  On your way out of the store, do you secretly worry that the “Inventory Managment” device will go off (by mistake of course) and that you will get frisked by the greeter? 

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