Bad Day? Nothing spiritual, I just liked the picture

You ever had a bad day? Youngest daughter here was having one of those days. You know, the kind of day when your mother dressed you in blue and white striped bloomers, red Converse high tops, and a pull behind duck. I mean really, the shoes clash with everything and were only marginally popular in the 80’s. Why? Why would any parent do this to her child? Ohhhh, the humanity!

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  1. Totally adorable!!!!

    I don’t just have “those” days…sometimes they hit all at once and, it’s one of those WEEKS. LOL

  2. Those shoes are great mike!!! I have a pair for me, but mine are black. Good stuff, and great Picture.

  3. My dear daughter wore a pair of “chucks” to the prom.

    It’s good to start them on classy shoes early!

    She’s a cutie pie!

  4. Thanks Kris. I think she will just have to get used to mom dressing her up and taking picture after picture after picture after. . . well, you get the picture!

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