What Is Right About Rural and Small Church

I enjoyed the Apollo 13 movie so much that I have seen it several times.  One scene in particular stands out in my mind.  Due to an explosion on the space craft, Gene Kranz (Mission Control, Flight Director) is working through all of the things that have gone wrong with the Apollo Service Module.  From every work station at mission control Kranz’s team begins, almost in unison, to tell him all the things that are wrong with the ship.  Kranz responds by saying, “Lets look at this from the perspective of status.  What is RIGHT with the ship?”  It wasn’t until mission control understood what still worked on their ship that they could work on the things that were broken. 

I think that it is time that we ask what is right with our rural and small churches.  There are many voices, almost speaking in unison, telling us the things that are difficult and the things that are wrong.  What is right with the rural church?  What is working correctly?  When you figure out what is currently working in rural churches you will find a platform to work on the things that are broken. 

Here are some of the things that, FOR THE MOST PART, are right with the rural church

1.  Rural/small churches generally have a committed / well trained leadership core.

2.  Rural/small churches have established effective connections within its community.

3.  Rural/small Churches have a tenacious ability to thrive during difficulty. 

4.  Rural/small churches have a wonderful sense of fellowship and love for one another.  The fellowship they share is unique to a congregation that lives in such close proximity to one another. 

5.  They make disciples through long term relationships. 

6.  Worship is intentionally and beautifully simple.

7.  Most of the traditions within the church are meaningful.  

Can you add anything to the list? 


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  1. Rural/Small church potlucks beat the stew out of catered meals at large churches!!!

  2. Beat the “stew”. Everything really comes back to the food doesn’t it?

  3. Well, I’m just peachy-keen with that!

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