HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi.  This is Mike’s uninvited guest writer, otherwise known as his wife.  Today is Mike’s birthday.  He’s 35, halfway to 70, one-third of the way to 105.  Just wanted to let everyone know and to wish Mike a happy birthday!  I love you! 

We celebrated last night at a Diamond Jaxx game.  Looks like he was having fun 🙂



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  1. Happy Bday Bro. Mike! 35 is a good number–a happy number. 🙂

    Enjoy your day! Hope you spend it with the ones you love — doing the things you love!

  2. Thanks Tonya!

  3. Oops! WISH we could celebrate with you!

  4. Thanks Cloars. We wish you here too.

  5. Mike,

    Happy 35th Birthday! Oops it slipped up on us. I had no idea you were aging so rapidly (but it’s the best alternative!!). Just kidding about the aging thing, you still look 34 to me.

    Kiss them young’ens and Robin for us, we’ll be talking to you.

    Uncle Buddy

  6. Uncle Buddy,

    I was thinking that I at least looked 32 ish?????

  7. 32ish??? Keep telling yourself that! Hah!

    Hope it was a good birthday – and only one of many more to come.


  8. Thanks Joel. You are still holding at 32 right?

  9. Happy Belated ole’ pal! I’m exactly 2 months behind you. Glad things are going good for you. Come by and visit again next time your in town. I’m at Sta.1 on 96 W now. Let me know! Max

  10. Hadn’t read it until today. Love the story and picture. Especially the reference to going toward 70.

  11. Love the cowpoke story!!! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  12. How cute are the pictures of Josh!!

  13. Max,

    Thanks ole’ pal. I will come by the station next time I am in Franklin.

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