Rural Route Wisdom: Garden Edition

We planted our first garden this year.  Here are some things we have learned: 

1.  Beans should be planted at a depth of 1/2 inch. 

2.  If you plant beans at 1 1/2 inch they will not break the dirt. 

3.  If your beans don’t break the dirt you must replant the beans.

4.  I was told by my neighbor, Buddy,  that most of my pastoral predecessors have tried and failed at growing a garden.  Because of that little piece of news, gardening is now a high pressure venture. 

5.  When someone tells you to put “triple 15” on your garden they are referring to fertilizer.   

6.  Sqash, beans, cucumbers, corn, and okra all LOVE the triple 15.  Do you know what else loves the triple 15?    WEEDS!

7.  I have come to believe that weeds were part of the consequence of our sinful fall in the Garden of Eden. 

8.  A weed’s worst nightmare is the blade end of a long-handled garden hoe. 

9.  My worst nightmare has become the handled end of the garden hoe.   

10.  I have a whole new appreciation for John Denver’s Garden Song.  Enjoy!

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  1. Mike!
    Remember me?! It’s great to stumble across your blog! I hope your family is doing well. You can read our blog to see what’s going on with us.


    Glenna (Veteto) Marshall

  2. Of course I remember you. The family is doing great.

  3. Pastoral Ministry 101….

    Last night I had to leave post-prayer meeting quickly…leaving my study open and the lights on……I saw a church member driving his work truck at an odd hour with an angry look on his face……so I followed…(I thought that his kid was in trouble at the pool)…… NOPE, just the cows out again..a lot of them….the night before the neighbor fired shots in the air while they were rounding them up….so an hour later with a rip in my pants and stench on my shoes I had true blue gospel conversation with a 17 & 19 year old while we looked for broken places along the fence!!!

    Why is the neighbor soo mad????? The cows got in the maters!!

  4. Ahhhhh, is that the stench of rural ministry I smell?

  5. We planted our first garden this year too. Just tomatoes and cucumbers. Like the church ministry, it’s a little at a time! Happy gardening. It’s very therapeutic.

  6. The Gardening is therapeutic. I do alot of praying while pulling weeds. It is the John Denver music that makes it all come together though.

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