It Takes A Real Cowboy Part II

He is a cowboy with the moves of a Russian ballerina. Determination and vocal prowess are his weapons of choice as he leads all of Cottage Grove to a better understanding of just how big the “whole world” is.

Sing with me now, “He’s got the whole world”

Come on everybody. . . . “in His hands”

Sing on, Cowboy. . . . sing on!

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  1. Um..I hate to be picky…but REAL cowboys don’t wear no sissy sneakers. I’ve got a pair of cowboy boots that will probably fit him…they’re in the mudroom…feel free to borrow them…PLUS they match Laura’s boots…they are the pink ones. And yep…REALY cowboys DO WEAR PINK!

  2. This cowboy of yours must be a really good natured fellow. He looks like he has an outgoing personality in addition to his rugged good looks. (Catches like him are few and far between)

  3. He certainly has come a long way from his gangsta rap days!!!

  4. Anne Onomous,

    I don’t know what we would do without him, his wife, or his kids. They have been good friends and invaluable to the ministry at our little rural church.

  5. …um… a Russian ballerina huh? His rugged good looks, good nature, and great singing voice outshines the ballerina part. Can’t wait for the 3rd installment. This is too good not to be a series.

  6. I have to agree with Joy. Looking forward to pt.3 of the Singing, Russian Ballerina Cowboy. There’s gotta be a song or reality show in there somewhere…

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