Stuff we can do to become relevant to our culture

It seems that everyone is trying to be relevant to their culture these days.  Some churches have skate parks to appeal to the skater crowd.  Some churches have specialty coffees to appeal to the Starbucks crowd.  I wondered what would draw our culture to Cottage Grove Baptist Church? 

1.  Plant corn and soy beans on the church lawn.

2.  Abandon church van for a convoy of combines. 

3.  We could make the number 3 our official number in honor of Dale Earnhardt. 

4.  Turn fellowship hall into community milk barn.

5.  Have a debate about the pros and cons of restrictor plate racing in Nascar and how this applies to our spiritual lives. 

6.  Pastor could repeatedly use his garden as sermon illustration. . . oh, yeah, I do that already.   

7.  Every Sunday morning during deer season we could have an on-site taxidermist and meat processing center. 

8.  Choir could use camouflage robes.  

9.  Marriage seminar could center around Brad Paisley’s “I’m Gonna Miss Her” fishing song. 

10.  Make Carhartt the official clothier of the church.           

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  1. EEKS!!!!! Maybe I’m in the wrong church!!!!

  2. My dear hubby said “sign me up”

  3. I have to admit that the camo choir robes would be fun.

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