It was just too much for him

Have you ever received news that just floored you. Andrew here was knocked out after hearing what was about to happen. We were a bit reluctant to tell him, but we felt he ought to hear it from us first. He just couldn’t believe that Danny Franks was starting a blog. Andrew thought that 600 miles would be enough to separate him from his tormentor. Thanks to the information super highway, the distance just got too close for comfort. The poor kid just fainted dead away.

Danny used to live just down the street from us at seminary. For some reason, Andrew just never took to Danny very well. When Danny would walk into the room Andrew would just clam up and retreat in his mind to a happier place, which was anywhere Danny wasn’t. Danny, being the wholesome Christian that he is, would take the opportunity to make menacing faces and threatening gestures toward Andrew. We can only believe that Danny somehow enjoyed seeing the tears role down his little chubby cheeks.

Well, here is the link to Danny’s new blog. Go if you dare. I’ve got to go give Andrew a nerve pill.

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  1. Tell Roody-Too-Poo-Froo-Froo that I’m bringing over the smelling salts, stat. Thanks for the shout out!

  2. Great picture! I recognize his red M and M hat!

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