Absent and Accounted For

One of the things that is so cool about pastoring a small rural church is the fact that people really care about their attendance.  It means something to be together in Worship and Bible Study.  They place value on the fellowship and worship they share.  People know I will miss them if they are not here so they warn me in advance of their absence.   Out of courtesy they let me know where they are going to be.  I love the fact that they know I will miss them. . . and I do.   

Family members don’t just leave without telling someone where they are going.  It would be rude and the other family members would worry.  So it is with my church family.  We pray for one another when we are absent.  It just so happens that this Sunday I, and several others, will not be there b/c of a mission trip.  I know our church will miss us and be praying for us.  I know that the entire Bush family will be at a family reunion this weekend.  I know that the Bruce family will be in Colorado.  I know that whenever my friend Buddy is absent it has everything to do with him taking care of his wife.   I am so grateful to be in a church where my absence and my church member’s absences are accounted for.

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  1. I totally agree!!! It was really odd to miss the last two Sundays. The whole week in between was REALLY LONGGGGGG — or so it seemed. I was so happy to be back!!!

    And it was such a good feeling — a happy, warm, fuzzy feeling, — Wednesday night, to hear people saying that they were glad we were back and they had missed us.

    To quote Martha Stewart (the TV one), “It’s a good thing.”

  2. We certainly miss the Waddey’s this week. It has been lonesome with everyone. Ty will especially be glad to see all his buddies. By our calculations, if everyone who usually comes on Sunday had been there, we would have had 95 in attendance.

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