Let’s Boogie

This is “Boogie” (Jim) and his wife Lena. He pastors the Delecroix Hope Baptist Church in St. Bernard Parish LA. I first met Boogie the July after Katrina. The church building they were meeting in had been destroyed by a tornado spawned by Katrina, and his house had been flooded by about 10 feet of water. The church needed a place to meet, so Jim and Lena opened up their unfinished home. They have been doing this for 3 years and are not institutionalized. I would have gone crazy one month into the ordeal!

About one year ago, God gave them a church building. Yep, gave them a church building. The building needed a ton of work, so Boogie and Lena just rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Two weeks ago they met in the church for the first time. The picture above was taken in the recently completed fellowship hall. God has grown the church to the point that they almost need to add on already.

We just spent the last six days with Boogie, Lena, and their church helping with Vacation Bible School. It was a great week filled with cookies, Kool-Aid, music, games, and Bible stories. Somewhere in the middle of the week I began to realize that Boogie wasn’t just building the physical building, but he was also moving his flock along spiritually as well. It is a slow methodical process that Boogie had been working on for years, even before Katrina.

Boogie had told me prior to coming that he was transitioning the church from being mission team dependent. We were there to teach his people how to do VBS. Boogie made this point very clear the last night we were there when he announced to his church that THEY would be doing Vacation Bible School by themselves next year. “We are ready and this should be our responsibility”.

That moment made the trip for me. It is rare to present at the moment a church moves from one point to another. Knowing the history of the church and the difficulty they have endured made that moment even more poignant. The people of God being moved by God to the place He wants them to be. Delecroix Hope Baptist Church is on the move to the Glory of God. So, hey there, preacher boys. . . when you guys feel the need to whine like I do at times about how slow things are going and all the resources you don’t have, you should just remember to “Boogie”.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder. God is at work in small places. Lets all boogie for Jesus.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tom and thankfully God is at work in small places.

  3. Not sure that this would completely apply, but it does show that sometimes even a rose can bloom in the desert.

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