Stuff I Learned On Our New Orleans Mission Trip

1. Your children can go to sleep and wake up about 8 times and ask, “Where are we?” Your answer will be “Somewhere in Mississippi”.

2. None of the relief money sent for Katrina has been spent on any road anywhere in Louisiana.

3. The nice people in Mississippi give you free cokes when you stop at their rest areas.

4. Interstate 55 is code for “bumpy concrete road”.

5. Gumbo, no matter how delicious, should never, never, under any circumstances be regurgitated.

6. If you visit the French Quarter and some guy walks up to you and begins making balloon animals for your kids while he quotes scripture, he is not a missionary. He will expect payment for the balloons and he will scoff at you when you give him 4 bucks in change. (Don’t judge me. It was 16 quarters or a 100.00 bill)

7. Apparently there are several balloon animal makers trying to earn a living within several streets of one another. You can be openly mocked (I was called a traitor and some dude stuck his tongue out at me) by competitors as you travel with your $4 dollar balloons made by the guy down the street.

8. The Cafe Du Monde must be French for “Throw your money here!”

9. Beignet is French for “very expensive donut”.

10. If you want to start a church in the greater New Orleans area and you are looking for a snappy name that will attract the masses, call your church “Home Depot”. They will come!

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  1. Dude, you best not be raggin on Cafe Du Monde!! I might go Geneva on ya!!

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