Sweet Tea

Danny Franks posted a great piece about pulled Tennessee pork yesterday. There is nothing better with bar-b-que than sweet tea.

1. The sugar tea ratio should be very much in favor of the sugar!

2. The sugar should be dissolved when the hot tea is poured over it.

3. Sweet tea cannot be manufactured by pouring a couple of little sugar packs in your glass. It will not dissolve. You will be left with a nasty mixture of ice and semi-dissolved sugar in the bottom of your glass.

4. After drinking real sweet tea you my have mild hallucinations.

5. There is no such thing as a sugar substitute when it comes to tea. If you are diabetic, just drink water.

6. Never, under any circumstances, should sweet tea be served in a plastic cup. Glass is the only way to fly. Plastic demeans the character of the beverage, and is an insult to the dignity of the South’s thirst quencher.

7. Hot sweet tea is a good way to shake off the cold and makes a nice night cap.

8. When icing down your sweet tea, be careful not to tip the water/sugar balance back in favor of the water.

9. Real lemons should be used to add a light zip to your sweet tea. Don’t EVER use that horrible liquid lemon substitute.

10. Sweet tea does not exist above the Mason-Dixon line. Don’t order sweet tea from a Yankee because he will bring you a glass of unsweet tea with two little sugar packs (see # 3). Just get it over with and order yourself a Dr. Pepper.

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