Entitled or Earned?

I know this is not necessarily a rural church issue, but it does affect many people that I know.  Many rural folk are poor to middle class.  There are those within my own community and church that fall into into this category.  Most of the rural people I am acquainted with though do not want the government involved in their health care.  I am really struggling with this issue so help me out!

Universal Health Care?  Is this a good idea?  I am really interested in what you all think.  Should insured health care be an entitlement because you are an American Citizen?  Should insured health care be earned?  For full disclosure, I believe poor and middle class people already have access to better health care than the rest of the world.  There are many poor people that have better dental, eye, and health care than my family, and we pay for ours.  What do you think. . . earned or entitled?

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  1. Put me down for “earned.” When I pastored a rural church, many of my folks worked at Wal-Mart for the health benefits.


  2. Yeah Les, I think we ought to earn stuff. . . . even our health care. Should we reform health care? I think so but I don’t think it should be an entitlement. We have become the “give me” society. I think that attitude has made it’s way into the church as well.

  3. Anytime you have government social work it’s a BIG, BLOATED, INEFFICIENT MESS. We had a breakfast a few weeks ago with one of our Senators and he was talking about how the government simply isn’t good at helping people. Isn’t that the church’s job? If more churches took on that role, we’d hardly have the need we currently have. Reform? Yes. Socialized medicine? I’m glad I get my Septoplasty in 2 weeks instead of a year long waiting list.

  4. I agree Josh. Has anyone ever visited the DMV? Multiply that by infinate numbers and you get socialized medicine. The church is far more discerning about who to help and is more efficient when it helps. The problem is that we dropped that ball years ago.

  5. Definately earned.

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