I am proud of our church.  Not because of what or who they are per say, but because of their love for and obedience to God.  We celebrated what God was doing in our church and in us this past Sunday.  Reflection is a good for the soul.  It is surprising how much you forget during the course of a year.  We are so busy and involved with our lives we rarely take time to look back at what God did.  We rarely look back and say, “Thank you.”  

With so many people out of work this year, and with a sputtering economy, I just didn’t know how this past fiscal year would look.  I knew that we were exceding our budget and were exceding missions giving, but no one could have prepared me for the end of the year totals that we were able to celebrate last Sunday.  Our people passed a $93,000.00 budget last year.  Our people gave $105,000.00 in undesignated offerings.  We give a little over 10% of our undesignated receipts to the cooperative program of the Southern Baptist Convention, 3% goes to our local Baptist association, and a little over 1% goes to the Puerto Rican Deaf Ministry.  That is over 14% of our income that goes directly to missions before we spend a dime.

Our little country church that averages 75 in Sunday School exceded every goal we set for our state missions offering, the North American Mission Board offering, our International Mission Board offering, our Children’s Home offering, the Adult Home offering, a special offering for Union University, and a host of other special offerings.  All told, our rural church gave over $32,000.00 to missions last year!!!!!  That is a chunk of change for a church with a $93,000.00 budget.  It ain’t because we are all rolling in cash either.  It is because people KNOW where the money is going.  A large percentage of our people give.  Giving is an extension of their worship. 

They didn’t just throw money at missions either.  Members of Cottage Grove Baptist Church participated in missions in  Mexico, Puerto Rico, St. Bernard Parish, Jackson, Tn, and, yes. . . Cottage Grove.  They did everything from build wheel chair ramps to building churches.  They shared the Gospel with friends and helped with VBS in New Orleans.

Yes, I am proud to be their pastor and serve along side of them.  I am even more proud of the God we all serve together.  May HIS name be praised for working through us out here between the corn and the soy beans.

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  1. We’ve had a great year! God is Good — All the Time. He has blessed us with SO MUCH and so many wonderful people!

  2. God has given us much and he expects much from us. We should be prepared for a great revival and God sized tasks this year.

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