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This is the Bullock Family.  They have a fantastic rural church story but it will have to wait.  There are more important matters at hand.  Payton, the big fella on your right, needs your prayers.  On Monday, September 8 Payton had a stroke that was located on his brain stem.  Since that day Payton has fought for his life, fought to breathe, fought to communicate (sometimes by blinking once for no and twice for yes), fought to move his fingers and hands, and his fight continues.  Payton knows that he is not fighting alone.  He knows that God has not forsaken him and his hope is secure in Christ.  Payton also knows that there are many people praying for him daily and he is sustained in that knowledge.  I am asking you to pray for his continued recovery.  Pray also for his wife, Stacy, and his two beautiful daughters as they cope along side Payton.  Thank you for praying and please feel free to pass this along to others who will pray.    

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  1. We are definitely sending up prayers continually to God. God is great and mighty. He loves His children and hears and answers our prayers.

    “You keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.” Ps. 56:8 NLT

  2. Mike, I was reminded of a couple of my favorite verses when I read this request. Jeremiah 33:3 and Luke 1:37. We are praying at New Victory! Lester

  3. Tonya,
    Keep sending up those prayers. They are being heard.


    Please tell New Victory thank you. We are looking forward to seeing you next month.

  4. You can visit to see his progress. You can also sign his guest page and let him know you are praying for him.

  5. Mike, We are keeping the Bullock family in our daily prayers, and have added them to the prayer list at Union View for all the prayer warriors. We know that Our God still performs miracles, may He be Glorified in all things. May His loving hand rest on Payton and his family and give them peace.
    Louis & Peggy

  6. Louis and Peggy,

    We do appreciate your prayers and the prayers of Union View Baptist Church. Payton has a long road ahead. His journey is just beginning. His doctor said that 90% of the people who have similar strokes die within the first 24 hours so we feel that God has already intervened for Payton. His physical therapy could take months. Just continue to pray. . . . and thank you.

  7. Hi I am from New Victory Baptist Church where Pastor Lester is at, I just wanted to let you know that I sent your request out on our Prayer Warriors List, we have a STRONG praying group I believe, so Please know that we are placing you on there,

  8. Hi, I am a memeber of New Victory and I wanted to let you know we are praying for this young man and his family.

  9. Twana and Judy,

    First let me say how much I appreciate you praying for Payton and his family. He is making a little progress every day and we are thankful for every smile he can mannage and every time he is able to squeeze our hands. His recovery will be long so we appreciate every prayer. Also let me say that I love and appreciate your pastor. Lester has become a great source of encourgement for me. Again, thank you.

  10. Pastor Lester told us about this young beautiful family and their need for immediate and continual prayer. I just wanted to let you know I have placed them in my heart and lifted them up to the most wonderful and knowledgable doctor in the universe, He will be there with them at all times. Payton’s faith is an encouragement to me and I thank God for what He is doing in their lives and also in mine.
    God Bless You,
    Jennifer (NVBC Help Center Dir.)

  11. We are prating for you and your family, may God give you peace during this time of need in your life. Love & Prayers from New Victory Baptist. Bill

  12. Please know that New Victory is lifting Payton and his beautiful family up in our prayers. God is the great physician and he hears our cries for healing and comfort for this family. I pray that the family feels our prayers and are comforted by them.
    God Bless You,
    Sue Drain

  13. Our family will be lifting Peyton and his beautiful family in our prayers. Even when things seem out of control, our God is always in full control. He is our sustainer, and our comfort! One of my favorite verses is Psalm 31:7, because it reminds me that God knows everything about us and knows the troubles this life puts us through. “I am overcome with joy because of your unfailing love. You have seen my troubles, and you care about the anguish of my soul.”

    Take refuge in HIS SWEET PEACE today. Love and Prayers! Kelly

  14. Hi,
    Many of us at New Victory Baptist Church are praying for Payton’s healing. I am also praying for God’s peace and comfort for you all.

    “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.”

    God bless you most abundantly,

  15. My family and I want to let you know that we are praying for you and your loved ones. We pray for courage and strength for this long journey ahead of you. We are also thankful. Thankful for every precious improvement, every small step, and every positive test result because they are truly a gift from our father who loves you this much … +

    God Bless You!
    Lloyd, Kim, Blake, & Koda

  16. May God bless you, Payton, and your family with courage and strength in Him as you recover and heal. We will be lifting you up in our prayers and keeping you in our hearts. Love In Christ, Melodie at NVBC.

  17. I just received a prayer request from our Prayer Warriors email at New Victory Baprist Church for Payton and his family. I just wanted to let you know that many prayers are being lifted up for this family. We serve an awesome God who is still in the miracle business. I will be praying for Payton’s healing and that God will supply the needs of this family.
    Love in Christ,
    Wanda Tilson

  18. Our family will also be lifting up Payton in our prayers. We all know that prayer is our strong defense in every situation. We will also be remembering you and your family also.

  19. Please know that the Prayer Warriors at New Victory Baptist Church are ptaying for you and your family. We serve a MIGHTY GOD and he is in control. Payton and the family are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that God place his loving arms around this family, and that they feel the love and prays that are being lifted up for them.
    In Christian Love,
    Mary McKee

  20. We saw your story and request for prayer through our prayer warriors e-mail from New Victory Baptist Church. We just wanted to let you know we will be lifting Payton up in our daily prayer and keeping him in our thoughts and prayers thoughout the day. God is trully merciful and an awesome God. We are prayiong that he supplies the needs of this family and brings healing to Payton.
    May Gods Blessings Be With You.
    Wayne & Wanda Tilson

  21. Hi,

    My husband and I (New Victory Baptist Church) are praying for Payton’s healing. We are also praying for God’s peace to be on this family.

    “And all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.” Matthew 21: 22

    Love in Christ,

  22. Hi, Mr. Payton and family. I just read the email and just wanted to say that we will be praying for you and your family. Praying that God will heal you and give your family such peace beyond measure. God is so awesome. There were times in my life that i just wanted to give up and say no more. But then there was this little small voice (that i tried to ignore) kept saying just trust me, give it to me. Not to mention people praying that i didn’t even know about until later. So prayer does change everything and I just know that God is going to answer this prayer.
    Just remember if God sees you to it God will see you through.
    God Bless, Eric, Katherine, Britt, brad and Devan

  23. I am prayinhg from Nebraska. May God be glorified in all things.

  24. I am praying for this family esp Payton God Bless

  25. I want to say thank you to everyone who has said a prayer on our behalf, prayer has been working in our lives and we know that God is taking care of us and allowing God to work through us as Payton’s continues his long road to recovery. The messages are very encouraging to Payton and I have been keeping him informed on who is praying for him and reading him the scripture that has been posted. Keep us in your prayers.

  26. Thank you New Victory! Keep praying. What an encouragement to know that a sister church across the state is lifting payton up.

    Thank you Tom! It is an amazing God who hears our prayers and is attentive to our needs. To God be the Glory. . . Amen.

  27. The Bullock family has been in my prayers since the moment that I heard about Payton. Payton and I grew up together, and were the best of friends in school. He was always the guy that you could call no matter what stupid thing you had done he was always there to listen. There are so many great things that I can tell you about him, but anyone that has met him already knows that. Both Payton and I both grew up on family farms, and me being a girl was a little rough a times but Payton never looked at me as that, I was just one of the guys. We have been thru alot together. Since he has moved to TN, we have lost touch but I will never forget the day he called me to tell me about the love of his life that he had met. I have never met Stacey but from the second he started telling me about her you could tell the smile he had on his face over the phone. I have had alot of friends over the years but Payton Dennis is what most people will never honestly find in life ( a TRUE FRIEND). The way that Payton loves life, his family, his friends, and the farm is something very rare to find these days in the crazy world we live in. As good as Payton is to the world he lives in I ask everyday for God to wrap his arms around him and his family over this long journey.

  28. Sabrina,
    Payton is a good friend. It has been an honor to be his pastor. Keep praying and thank you for commenting.

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