Dying Healthy

I had an interesting conversation with a West Tennessee Director of Missions.  He said many of the rural churches he was familiar with were dying healthy. He made the statement that “I am healthy relative to a 68-year-old man”. He said, “I could be going through my daily routine one day and die. . . healthy.”  Everyone would be shocked at his passing because of his outward health.  They would say things like, “But he was so healthy.”  “He just preached at our church and he looked fine.”  They would all want to know what happened to such a healthy man?  There are churches who think they are healthy. The lights are on. The doors are open. There is a fresh coat of paint on the church, and the water bill is paid on time every month.  They think they are doing all that it takes to be healthy because they have a level of functioning. They will be going though the motions one day and die, seemingly healthy.

What these churches don’t see is that the essential elements for true health are missing. There is no real evangelistic effort. There is no zeal for pressing toward a deeper understanding of biblical truth.  The worship service could follow a bulletin from 1950 and no one would notice. Since everyone’s hair is graying together, no one notices the wrinkles and the lack of babies crying in the nursery.  There is no objectivity when it comes to determining true health.

It doesn’t matter if you die a long, painful, slow death, or if you just die one day. . . thinking you were healthy.  Dead is dead.

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  1. Good point and observation.

  2. Amen! Sad we are so out of touch.

  3. Perry……where you been?

    Keep paying for healthy rural churches. They can and do exist.

  4. Neck deep with recovery ministry and school/football started back. This is my second year at Leake Academy and it is definitely producing fruit. The Chaplain work with the fball team is developing well too. Last year, my devotions were a little more “wisdom/common grace” oriented with a little gospel. This year it has turned into true preaching point. I have them during their pre-game meal 3-4 hours before the game. I am teaching through the Lord’s prayer because it is recited as the team’s closing prayer every week. I am very “incarnational” and “missional” with my work. I wipe up their blood, carry sweaty towels, massage cramping calves, fill water bottles ect. Wait, that definitely doesn’t sound cool enough to be missional. I guess I’m just the water boy:)

  5. Perry,

    You are cool beyond cool. Don’t sell the water boy thing short.

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