Shepherding a Small Rural Church / Priceless!

I know it seems weird in the brave new GIGANTIC SUPER SIZED world that we have created in modern evangelicalism but I love the atmosphere that my small country church provides each Sunday.  Worship is real but unassuming.  Worship is fun but not over the top.  Worship is predictable without being stale.  It is very much alive without being manufactured.

People are not just faces in a crowd.  I know the story behind every smile, frown, and grimace that I see from the pulpit.  I am personally connected to them in a way that truly makes us like a family.  Sometimes that connection is filled with joy.  Sometimes that connection causes me great pain.  Sometimes that connection even makes me a little angry with them.  That connection always brings us together as we worship in Spirit and in Truth.

Small church is beautiful.  Shepherding a small church has been the most challenging, exciting, and rewarding ministry that I have ever been apart of.  If you are the pastor of a small church I would like to recommend that you attend one of the Impact conferences that will be going on around the country.  Here is the link:

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  1. Last night I sat on the top step of the stage area next to the pulpit. I sat there with a two year old who loves to “sing” and direct music. So, I sat him up there and let him lead the songs with Craig!! Couldn’t do that with a big production. Not because a bigger setting is less loving of children. They would probably love for that same scene to play out. However, I can’t imagine the two year old feeling as safe and secure with hundreds starring back at him.

    Not better and not worse…..just different and still worthy….and definitely not dying or plateauing.

  2. Good stuff Perry. Sweet isn’t it?

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