Revival begins through broken hearts

Our church is holding a series of meetings this week.  At the end of the week I am praying that we can say that our “meetings” turned into revival.  Lester Morelock, our evangelist, for the week said something last night that caused me great unrest all night.  He said that over 4,430 people die and go to hell every hour.  His number is based on statistics that tell us if people go to church and what religion they claim as their own.  His point: Brokenness over the lost leads to revival for believers.  I think Lester is right.

I don’t know if 4,430 people go to hell every hour.  I’m not smart enough to check Lester’s numbers but I lost sleep last night with this thought.  What if that number is 3000 per hour?  What if we reduce it to 1000?  What if it were just one person per hour?  Is the thought of one person spending an eternity in Hell enough to break our hearts?  If we are not broken over one person we will not be broken over 4,430.  The number is inconsequential.  What matters is that we just don’t care.  One is too many.

By the way. . . if you want to hear Lester preach, here is the link to his church’s web site.  Lester is the pastor of a very healthy rural church.

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