Great Day

This is my oldest daughter.  She has an understanding of salvation that few adults can fathom and that most can not articulate.  She has been contemplating her decision to follow Christ for over a year.  Her probing questions about the Lord’s supper, Baptism, and about the Cross finally culminated in a deep understanding of the Gospel.  I thank God continually for family, friends, and our church members who have encouraged her, answered her questions, and have reinforced what she has been learning at home.    

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  1. Mike,

    What a precious photo and amazing news! I know you are so proud. Parker (our 7 year old) made his profession of faith about a week ago at revival. We are rejoicing as well. Your family is so precious and we miss you guys. Take care!


  2. Lisa,

    How good to hear from you. FANTASTIC news about Parker!

  3. Please come visit sometime…if only to hang out in the studio! Our whole upstairs is done and is the “studio” now.

  4. What a wonderful photo. Thanks for sharing with us.


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