Ministry on Election Day

What do left wing voters and right wing voters all need?  What is it that Democrats and Republicans must have on election day?  They all need a place to vote.  Cottage Grove does not have an abundance of large buildings that have wheel chair access. . . but we just built a big one.  Tuesday was our chance to offer our building to the community simply b/c it was the right thing to do.  Rural churches must serve their communities.  We constantly have to search for ways to connect with people who have learned to see us as a dying institution.  We have to allow people to see us as servants.  Opening our fellowship hall for voting is just one way to do that:   election-290

I was hoping to make Cottage Grove the center of the Media Universe by producing a bunch of hanging chads . . . but these machines were way to well guarded.


Turns out that the voting machines were guarded by this guy.  My sources tell me that he is a very dangerous operative of the Cottage Grove Mafia.election-292

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  1. heeheehee — CG Mafia. I believe it! Could he be the Godfather?

    And being the center of the Media Universe? You would have been if you had hung Chad. (How many Chads are in CG anyway?) Stories like that get out no matter how hard you try to keep them local.

    Anyway, I agree that we have to be servants in the community. And I’m glad that CGBC can serve as a place for ALL people to come together — at least for a day.

  2. Forget the hanging chads, Mike. The entire nation is curious as to why that chair is sitting on top of the table in picture #1. Is that some sort of watchtower to keep an eye on ne’er-do-well voters?

  3. Our poll workers needed a birds eye view to make sure no one was writing in “Mike Waddey” for president.

  4. Great opportunity to invite people into the building. Once they have been there once they may feel more comfortale visiting again. Keep up the great work!

  5. Tom,

    It was a great opportunity. It gave us the chance to serve people.

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