Small Church Evangelism / G.P.S.

The North American Mission Board is rolling out its new evangelism initiative called G.P.S.  (God’s Plan for Sharing).  As a small church rural pastor I am very skeptical of new fangled programs.  Programs are usually heavy on flash and cost more than small churches can invest.  G.P.S. doesn’t encourage your church to buy into a program as much as it encourages you to buy into an evangelistic lifestyle.   G.P.S helps our church members to identify, pray for, and then share the Gospel with lost people that they already know.  It encourages evangelism to take place every day.  Last month at the Tennessee Baptist Convention we were exhorted to do evangelism “eye ball to eye ball”.  G.P.S. lends itself to an “eye ball to eye ball” strategy. 

I like this one.  See what you think.  Follow the link below.

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