15 years ago I became us instead of me. I abandoned me, myself, and I for our. I have never regretted January 8, 1994 and I have never looked back.  After 15 years of marriage I still find myself pursuing her love and devotion.  She still has my attention and still turns my head.

Happy 15th Robin!

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  1. Awwww. How sweet! You are a cute couple. We love you both…7…soon to be 8….LOL

  2. Ah, yes…it seems like just yesterday that Merriem was riding around Nashville with Mr. Williamson in a half-sewn bridesmaid’s dress.

    (Clarification: MERRIEM was in the half-sewn dress, NOT Robin’s dad.) 🙂

  3. I don’t know which is creepier. Merriem driving around with Thomas in the half-sewn dress or Robin’s dad in a half-sewn dress?

  4. Congrats.

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