Growing Up

She is growing up.  Look at those eyes!  Those eyes penetrate into that soft spot that can turn a  father into a daddy.  She is in the process of becoming a mature young woman and that is as it should be.  She is taking on the characteristics that we have taught her.  She is playing by the rules that we have enacted.  She is learning to live in this world a little less dependent on me but more dependant on God.  Every day brings progress in her spiritual maturity and her eventual adulthood.  The father in me applauds her ever increasing independence while the daddy in me wants to push the pause button.  You fathers know what I’m talking about right?        


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  1. I’ve got about a dozen posts in the back of my head and my most recent one (that didn’t get written) was about my 3 year old daughter. Boy do I ever want to hit pause, right now, exactly where she is. At least for a little while longer. Maybe I”ll write that post after all! Thanks.

    • I will be looking forward to reading those posts. I hope all is well in S.C.

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