Okay,  here are the pics I promised.  Kevin Bomar and I got to spend Tuesday night and Wed. morning with Payton and Stacy.  I am overwhelmed by the Progress Payton has made.  Miraculous is a good description of what has occurred in Payton’s life.   Three months ago Payton couldn’t speak or move.  The only way he could communicate was by blinking his eyes once for “yes” and twice for “no”.   Today he is speaking, has the use his right arm,  and has promising movement on his right side.   His comeback is a great story but Payton and Stacy’s faith is the real story.   They KNOW that God has a purpose in every painful step that Payton has taken.  I watched as Stacy encouraged other patients.  I watched as Payton, unapologetically, acknowledged God as his strength.  They are not waiting for perfect circumstances to be obedient to God.  They KNOW, by faith, that their circumstance has given them a platform to speak God’s name boldly.   I was impressed by Payton’s physical progress but I was encouraged by his faith. 

Payton can type better than me with one finger!  payton-270

Here is a promo for the next America’s Most Wantedpayton-274

This is Payton, Stacy, and Occupational Therapist.  payton-275

This is Payton with his Speech Therapist.   Payton has become very proficient at pronouncing EVERY syllable.    payton-278

Payton stayed on this treadmill for 35 minutes and was able to put 85% of his own weight on his legs as his physical therapists assisted him.  Just after this photo was taken Payton stood by himself for 10 seconds.  payton-286

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  1. Incredible pics. It’s good to see Payton again — and Stacy.

    What an amazing journey.

  2. Inspiring stuff in small church ministry.

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