Dad, look what I did!  Food Coloring is AWESOME!006Red hands need a complimentary red mouth.

010Uh oh!  I don’t think mom and dad think red hands, mouth, and counter tops are nearly as great as I do.

008I think I might have over estimated the awesomeness of liberal food coloring usage.

005Does “I’m sorry” cover it?

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  1. Oh my! How cute is that!?! It would definitely be hard not to laugh OR to discipline. We know how she likes the word “No!”

  2. Taking all these pictures was the full extent of her punishment. I’m pretty sure the word “no” never came up.

  3. What a cute little RED doll you have. I bet that was fun cleaning up. Is she still “red”? Great pics. What color is she going to get into next? Just wondering.

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