Put a little Pogo In Your Life

After a hard day of cleaning up our back yard, blowing leaves, and cleaning gutters I find it is best to unwind by flinging myself on top of a “toy” designed to hurl you into the air only to give you a quick, and sometimes painful,  return trip back to earth.  My son, who can POGO all day long, was demonstrating how much fun this can be.  045

This is me trying out the torture device. . . I mean toy.


This is me being flung from the POGO stick like a rag doll.  I’ll just stick to fishing.


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  1. I would’ve given my right arm to see you bring that thing down on Caleb’s skateboard.

  2. Ah youth! I used to love to Pogo. Alas, what goes up MUST come down…sometimes very hard! LOL! Looks like you were having fun…and some QT bounding…I mean bonding.

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